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"Dumb!" Visual Novel series. It's a trilogy which came to this world last year thanks to Kickstarter, the project worked out and was released a few months ago – rather discretely, since it was not free until now – and it should be released on Steam shortly.

A Visual Novel which tells the story of a not-very-smart man who lives in a world where everyone is as deranged as he is. You will embody Dumb, a very wisdom-lacking character. Your goal is to survive 7 days in a school filled with danger. But this danger is hidden by a whole other truth… will you know how to find the answer?

F = Window/Fullscreen
Ctrl left = Skip
Space = Hide textbox

"Dumb! 1" lasts about 1 hour.
"Dumb! 2" lasts about 2 hours.
"Dumb! 3" lasts less than an hour.

Very important: you can also find an uncensored version (if you are considered as an adult in your country) with H-scenes on our website here: http://mushi-novel.com/dumb

Feel free to tell us what you think of it.
Have fun!


We are Mushi, a small game studio.
You can find us here: https://www.patreon.com/TheMushi


Want to help us? : Paypal


Dumb 1-2-3 (without H-scenes).zip 281 MB


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is there a download for mac? If so can I get a link?