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A short story about a vampire who breaks into a man's house at night ...
You can play as Yumi (the vampire) or the man.
Your goal: obtain the best grade. But it's not really necessary. You can also get all possible notes, and all endings, for a total of 26 endings.


This is our first Visual Novel this year. I think a bright future awaits us, if you accept us.

With the intention of producing one Visual Novel per month, we will try to diversify the stories of love, sex and many new things that will happen soon.

With more resources, we will be able to improve the quality, make the fun last and intensify each story, each month.

What is available in the COMPLETE FILE?

You will have access to all sketches, 103 illustrations and a bonus of one exclusive illustrations. +2 DIGITAL DAKIMAKURA

For the modest sum of $ 9.99 !!

If you buy this exclusive pack, you will also help us make better games in the future.

Or  support us on Patreon!

Thanks for your consideration!



PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(207 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, Cute, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Porn, vn


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IF your adult or pretending to be one



i cant fuck her

Be mean to her in slap he


The game is amazing with a great artstyle and story.

gud gam. (4star)


any plans to update or add more content to the game, or make a sequel?


If my budget goes badaboum, then I will do a sequel.


I'm missing 3 ending XD and its driving me insane

gotta stay on the grind man.


A weird thing has happened when I try to uninstall the folder 'The Vamp' apparently the game doesn't allow me to become the owner of it and makes it uninstallable, it's really stressful since I've dealt with viruses before so this kind of worried me, please help me out!


nvm i fixed it by restarting, good game btw


Glad you like it~


Any possibility that there will be an android ver?

I love this but I can't figure out the last three for scene 2 page 2 :


Choose Yumi -> Calm him down -> What do you want in exchange -> I can do it -> Go on -> On the face


I clicked on this just to say your name is veri nais, also very mushy mhm c:


This is a really good and wholesome win-win visual novel game ever played :3


Glad you like it! ^^


this is the best damn short damn sex game. even better then short butt sweet


5/5 score first fucking try


I think there should be a bonus for getting all the endings

really enjoy the game. Can't figure out scene 4 last 3, but love the game


Glad you like it! ^^

scene 4 last 3: Choose Yumi, Bite him > a spank > my a is yours


to be honest, i think yumi perfect end is a bit boring, i mean the point is to dominate the other side but it feels more like a truce than actual domination, much different from the man's ending


you had me on the disclaimer

Mad lad 


Thanks, You may my day happy! ;)


Glad you liked it!  ^^

Lol sorry for the typo. 

(1 edit) (-1)

downloaded it but it detected the zip had a virus


There is no virus though. Hope you liked the game if you played it!

Had the same report come up


Hmm, it's weird. The game is made with Unity and the programming isn't perfect, but there shouldn't be any viruses in it.
Anyway the game is available in web version,  so you can play it without installing it ^^

Hope you will enjoy the game.


Not the case, usually you just have to press 'more info' then press 'run anyways'


good game, but it doesent have a linux version

And yeah, unfortunately there is no version for Linux.

just use wine

Can it run on android

Sorry! Windows only!

Me playing on an IPad: …


I like the game. i dont think i have played a game like this before but i enjoyed it.

So glad you liked it! Thanks!


It took a long time to make this game, it was prepared over a year ago and I would like as much support as possible on Patreon to continue making games that you might like.

Anyway, thank you for playing! Please enjoy!

I literally can't unlock 14, 15, and 16. Probably missing something on my end haha

on page 2 of the second scene group

You must choose Yumi as a character: Calm him down > What do you want in exchange? > I can do it > Go on > On the face
This sequence is exclusive by choosing Yumi, it is when he cums on her face while holding her by the hair.
Thanks for playing ♥♥


thank you!